Network Services

A booming economy has fuelled innumerous organizations to expand and strengthen their IT infrastructure, with an increased focus on Networks - The Backbone of organizational growth. Our network expertise and knowledge is one of the best in the industry. We have implemented many complex network infrastructures. This capability has a goal and a mean, to offer the best of breed in network support infrastructure to you, as we will expect for ourselves. From local troubleshooting to remote fixing, performance monitoring and consulting, our services can cater to networks of any size.

Our offerings are conceptualized, implemented and delivered keeping in mind entire suite of services:

LAN management, WAN management

WLAN management-The way we communicate has witnessed an incredible change in the last few years. Be it voice or data, wireless technology has always been in demand and with the rising popularity of standards like Wi-Max and 802.11n, today we can offer you enhanced speed, extended range and integrated security. For both indoor and outdoor deployments, we offer end-to-end solutions for Wireless LAN, Point-to-point & Point-to-Multipoint Bridging, Wireless Broadband, Campus Hot-Spots and Wireless Mesh.

Network Operations Center
Network System Integration Services
Network Consulting Services
Network Implementation Services.